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While there are no specific standards addressing environmental education, EE fits into many content areas. EE providers will come under increasing scrutiny to make their materials and programs "fit" with curriculum standards as monies for field trips and programs become more difficult for schools to justify. The harsh reality is that programs will become obsolete to Colorado teachers unless they are correlated to the state standards.

The Correlations Project was designed to create a comprehensive teachers' resource database of environmental education (EE) programs and materials correlated to state academic standards.

This project has been incorporated into the Colorado EE Database

The Purpose of the CAEE Correlations Project

 The Correlations project is intended to:

  • Assist the EE provider community in developing a better program 'fit" with state student assessment standards
  • Increase academic integrity of EE programs and activities
  • Help students achieve academic state standards through environmental education programming
  • Provide one-stop-shopping for teachers in understanding which EE programs will best suit their needs, and
  • Assist CAEE in providing an information clearinghouse of available EE materials statewide.

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How Big is this Correlations Project?

The resource database includes EE materials and programs available in Colorado, whether produced locally or globally. Environmental issues will represent a wide scope of topics and geographic regions, from your Colorado backyard to international concerns.

The range of EE programs include: lessons, books and resources, presentations, events, experiential activities, interpretive services. The database includes information about how to request materials, schedule speakers, arrange field trips, or "hot-link" to other web sites.

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What Can You Get Out of the Colorado EE Database?

If you are a teacher or Interpreter -- You will have internet access to a comprehensive resource database of EE programs and materials which have been correlated to Colorado model content standards and evaluated by national guidelines for academic excellence.

If you are a provider of EE programs and materials -- You can check out the list of links below to find out how to correlate your program to state standards and then list your program in the EE database.

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Correlations/Standards Web Links:

Colorado Model Content Standards

Colorado Student Assessment Page
201 E. Colfax, Room 501
Denver, CO 80203 
Don Watson (303) 866-6612
Vonda Kiplinger (303)  866-6664

Colorado Technology in Education Page
How to integrate technology into Standards-based curriculum in Colorado K-12 classrooms and grants for doing so.

Developing Educational Standards
This page is a repository for as much information about educational standards and curriculum frameworks from all sources (national, state, local, and other) as can be found on the Internet.

EE Correlations to North Carolina Standard Courses of Study

Ask Eric
Education Information with the personal touch.

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