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 What is a Service Unit?

The Service Units consists of troop leaders and other volunteers in a particular area of a council. The council employs membership executives to help and aid service units with their program, volunteers, & form. The Membership Executive for Hok-te- is Becky 918.749.2551.


Training is required for all volunteers. The council provides most training free of charge. Training schedule booklets are available. For a more detail description of each position, please contact the Service Unit Manager or Membership Executive.

 Service Unit Managers

Service Unit Managers are responsible to the Membership Executive in the council. Their purpose is to provide administrative leadership to a service unit and to serve as a manger of the service team. They are responsible for developing, guiding, and maintaining the Girl Scout program in the service unit. Hok-Te’ Service Unit Managers are Susan Jackson and Kathy Buchanan.

 Troop Leaders

Troop Leaders are the backbone of a service unit. They provide an atmosphere where girls can learn to plan and carry out activities together, budget finances and govern themselves so as to increase their skills, understanding, and self-confidence, learn to relate to others, to contribute to their society and to enable them to become happy, useful and resourceful citizens. They report to the Service Unit Manager .

 Service Team

The Service Team is made up of our consultants, troop organizers and other coordinators. These volunteers are not limited to troop leaders. If you are interested in providing a service to the Service Unit, please contact the Service Unit Manager, or the Membership Executive.


These volunteers are responsible to the Service Unit Manager and provide information, advice and encouragement to new leaders to help them get started and to aid new and ongoing leaders in increasing their knowledge of the Girl Scout program and of available program resources to help them improve their leadership abilities. There will be a consultant for each troop level (Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadette/Senior and Juliettes).

 Troop Organizer

These volunteers are responsible to the Service Unit Manager. They organize and maintain troops in an assigned area, to recruit new leadership and recommend them for appointment by the Service Unit Manager.

 Service Unit Rally Coordinator

Responsible to the Council Rally Committee, this person(s) coordinates Fall Rallies in the Service Units and train school ralliers. Length of term is June- November.

 Service Unit Registrar

The Registrar is responsible to the Council Registrar. They assure greater accuracy in completion of membership registration forms and timely receipt of registrations and dues in the Council office.

 Service Unit Calendar Manager

Responsible to the Council Calendar Managers, they manage the sale of the Girl Scout Calendars, and it record keeping. Length of term is mid-September to early December.

 Service Unit Cookie Coordinator

Responsible to the Council Cookie Managers, they manage the sale of the cookie products and its record keeping. Length of term is 6 months.

 Service Unit Trip and Camping Representative

Responsible to the Service Unit Manager, they interpret and promote troop, service unit and council trips and camping opportunities.

 Area Association Delegate

This volunteer is responsible to the membership of the Area Association. They fulfill a voting position in the Magic Empire Council of Girl Scouts by carrying out the responsibilities for the position as described in the council Bylaws, by acting as a decision-influencer for the council and by acting as a communication link between the council leadership and the members of the Area Association.

 Service Unit Individual Member/Juliette Advisor

This person is accountable to the Service Unit Manager. They direct and coordinate activities of Individual Member Girl Scouts in the Service Unit area.